With so many new free Blogger templates (free Blogspot templates) released every week it is hard to keep tabs on what's on offer. That's why I have handpicked this selection of Blogger template sites and links to collections so that you don't have to waste your valuable time scouring the net to see what's out there. Why not do yourself a favor by searching for that quality Blogger theme on these free Blogger template sites.

Blogger Blogspot Template Sites
Top Free Blogger Templates
Handpicked free Blogger templates (free Blogspot templates) for the serious blogger

Free Blogger Templates Blogspot
A range of free cool Blogger templates that will make your blog stand out from the rest.

Best Free Blogger Blogspot Templates
Another site offerring a selection of handpicked Blogger templates (Blogspot templates)

This site is devoted to Blogger templates and themes. A nice collection. Facility for users to rate these Blogger templates

A huge collection of free Blogger templates and themes on this site. Some downloads require you to sign up as a member

More than 150 free Blogger templates (free Blogspot templates) to download

New Blogger templates (Blogspot template) converted from Wordpress released regularly. A great source of quality free Blogger templates

An impressive collection of original and converted from Wordpress free Blogger templates (free Blogspot templates)

A nice collection of Blogger templates. View by style, type, number of columns, color

Most of these free Blogger templates converted from Wordpress including the very popular free Adspress Blogger template

Blogger Template (Blogspot Template) Collections
125 More Excellent Blogger Templates from Blogger Buster
120 Best Free Blogger Templates Around from Instantshift
Top 20+ Templates of 2008 from Blogger Buster

A collection of sites and links for free Blogger templates (free Blogspot templates) to ensure you get only the best quality Blogger templates available on the net. If you have the time how about letting me know about your experience of finding that perfect Blogger template (Blogspot template).

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