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Looking for articles about improving the navigation of a Blogger Blogspot blog. Here you will find articles about adding the following navigation hacks to Blogger: a breadcrumb, numbered page navigation and a simple links menu to a Blogger header.

Blogger lacks some advanced navigation features which makes it easy for readers to get around your blog. Compared to Wordpress Blogger has limited navigation and no easy way to add plugins to improve things. However, there are hacks and tricks that can be used to improve navigation markedly although these require manual tweaking of the Blogger template.

I have personally tried all of these Blogger tips and tutorials and can confirm that they all work so you won't be wasting your valuable time implementing some long complicated hack to your Blogger template only to find that its not working at the end of it. Also each of these publishers has a community around them and responds to any queries you might have so the support is there if you need it.

How to Add a Breadcrumb to Blogger
Blog Know How - Add Breadcrumb Navigation to Blogger
This Blogger tutorial takes you through the steps to place a breadcrumb on your Blogger blog to improve reader experience. The article also provides some advantages of adding a breadcrumb.

How to Add Numbered Page Navigation to Blogger
Blogger Buster - Numbered Page Navigation for Blogger
In this article Amanda shows you how to manually add numbered pages to the bottom of your Blogger blog. She also suggests ways to customize this hack such as: changing the number of articles displayed per page and what to do if you have a custom domain.

Add Top Navigation Menu to Blogger
Blog Know How - Add Horizontal Links Menu to Blogger Header
This tutorial shows you in detail how to add a simple horizontal links menu either to the header or above the first post in a Blogger Blogspot blog.

In this article are links to popular navigation hacks to customize a Blogger Blogspot blog such as adding a breadcrumb trail, numbered page navigation and a simple links menu to a Blogger header.