This article discusses the importance of listing your Blogger blog (Blogspot blog) in Blog Directories to increase traffic to your blog. Also included are some links to lists of popular blog directories.

If you are serious about increasing traffic to your Blogger blog (Blogspot Blog) make sure your blog is listed with some popular Blog Directories. Blog Directories can help with backlinks as it boosts your blog's standing to have a direct link from websites which have a good Google Page Ranking. Blog Catalog, for instance, has a very healthy Google Ranking of about 7 with the highest possible being 10. If you are not sure what the Google Page Ranking of a blog or website is you can look it up with this free tool from SEOChat

Some blog directories are better than others at referring traffic though so it does pay to do your research before you start. For instance some blog directories don't provide a backlink to your blog even though they require you to put a link to them on your blog. Keep this in mind when you are checking your site links to see if a backlink is being provided. (With Google Webmaster Tools you can look up all sites linking to your blog)

Don't get me wrong some blog directories are very good. I have found Blog Catalog which links under the various user defined tag in particular a good source of regular traffic. Top of Blogs also sends traffic my way for my niche blogs. On one blog I actually get more traffic from Blog Catalog than direct from Google.

Below are a couple of choice articles about Blogger and Blog Directories that will assist you with process of adding your Blogger blog to these directories and to discover more about how Blog Directories work and how they might be of benefit to you.

Blog Know How - Submit Your Blogger Blog to Blog Directories
This indepth article provides a list of recommended Blog Directories. It gives you good tips and down to earth advice about how to go about adding your Blogger blog to Blog Directories. Also covered is an outline of the benefits of adding your blog to Blog Directories.

Master New Media - Top 55 Best Blog Directory
If you just want a list of Blog Directories try this article from Master New Media for links to 55 Blog Directories.

Feedjit provides a live feed free tracking tool to track your Blogger Blogspot blog visitors in real time. Feedjit gives you up to the minute information about where they are from, the type of browser used, the landing page your visitors arrive at and where they exit from. It also displays the search keyword or keywords the visitor used to access your blog and will help you understand more about the content your visitors are interested in.

Place a Feedjit Live Traffic Feed widget on a Blogger Blogspot blog
It is easy to place a Feedjit Live Traffic Feed widget into the sidebar or footer of your Blogger Blogspot blog. It only takes a few minutes to customize the look of the widget to suit your blog and paste the Feedjit javascript code into a gadget in your Blogger sidebar or footer. Below is a step by step tutorial that will make it a breeze to get a Feedjit Live Traffic Feed widget for your Blogger blog.

Place A Feedjit Live Traffic Feed Widget into Your Blogger Blogspot Blog Sidebar or Footer
Blog Know How provides an in-depth article aimed at all Bloggers outlining the steps necessary to add a Feedjit Live Traffic Feed widget to Blogger

A free Feedjit Live Traffic widget can be a very useful widget to add to a Blogger Blogspot blog because it provides details about the kind of content your visitors are interested in. It is simple to customize and add a Feedjit widget to your Blogger sidebar or footer. Included is a tutorial that will walk you through every step of how to place a Feedjit Live Traffic Feed on a Blogger blog.

With so many new free Blogger templates (free Blogspot templates) released every week it is hard to keep tabs on what's on offer. That's why I have handpicked this selection of Blogger template sites and links to collections so that you don't have to waste your valuable time scouring the net to see what's out there. Why not do yourself a favor by searching for that quality Blogger theme on these free Blogger template sites.

Blogger Blogspot Template Sites
Top Free Blogger Templates
Handpicked free Blogger templates (free Blogspot templates) for the serious blogger

Free Blogger Templates Blogspot
A range of free cool Blogger templates that will make your blog stand out from the rest.

Best Free Blogger Blogspot Templates
Another site offerring a selection of handpicked Blogger templates (Blogspot templates)

This site is devoted to Blogger templates and themes. A nice collection. Facility for users to rate these Blogger templates

A huge collection of free Blogger templates and themes on this site. Some downloads require you to sign up as a member

More than 150 free Blogger templates (free Blogspot templates) to download

New Blogger templates (Blogspot template) converted from Wordpress released regularly. A great source of quality free Blogger templates

An impressive collection of original and converted from Wordpress free Blogger templates (free Blogspot templates)

A nice collection of Blogger templates. View by style, type, number of columns, color

Most of these free Blogger templates converted from Wordpress including the very popular free Adspress Blogger template

Blogger Template (Blogspot Template) Collections
125 More Excellent Blogger Templates from Blogger Buster
120 Best Free Blogger Templates Around from Instantshift
Top 20+ Templates of 2008 from Blogger Buster

A collection of sites and links for free Blogger templates (free Blogspot templates) to ensure you get only the best quality Blogger templates available on the net. If you have the time how about letting me know about your experience of finding that perfect Blogger template (Blogspot template).

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Looking for articles about improving the navigation of a Blogger Blogspot blog. Here you will find articles about adding the following navigation hacks to Blogger: a breadcrumb, numbered page navigation and a simple links menu to a Blogger header.

Blogger lacks some advanced navigation features which makes it easy for readers to get around your blog. Compared to Wordpress Blogger has limited navigation and no easy way to add plugins to improve things. However, there are hacks and tricks that can be used to improve navigation markedly although these require manual tweaking of the Blogger template.

I have personally tried all of these Blogger tips and tutorials and can confirm that they all work so you won't be wasting your valuable time implementing some long complicated hack to your Blogger template only to find that its not working at the end of it. Also each of these publishers has a community around them and responds to any queries you might have so the support is there if you need it.

How to Add a Breadcrumb to Blogger
Blog Know How - Add Breadcrumb Navigation to Blogger
This Blogger tutorial takes you through the steps to place a breadcrumb on your Blogger blog to improve reader experience. The article also provides some advantages of adding a breadcrumb.

How to Add Numbered Page Navigation to Blogger
Blogger Buster - Numbered Page Navigation for Blogger
In this article Amanda shows you how to manually add numbered pages to the bottom of your Blogger blog. She also suggests ways to customize this hack such as: changing the number of articles displayed per page and what to do if you have a custom domain.

Add Top Navigation Menu to Blogger
Blog Know How - Add Horizontal Links Menu to Blogger Header
This tutorial shows you in detail how to add a simple horizontal links menu either to the header or above the first post in a Blogger Blogspot blog.

In this article are links to popular navigation hacks to customize a Blogger Blogspot blog such as adding a breadcrumb trail, numbered page navigation and a simple links menu to a Blogger header.