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If you want to boost your site traffic one very easy way is to add a Social Bookmarking button to your Blogger (Blogspot) blog. This will encourage visitors to your site to create an online bookmark and to share your posts with others. There are a number of ways you can go about adding bookmarks. This article provides you with a round up of some of the best tutorials to walk you through the process of adding a bookmark button to your Blogger site.

Why Add a Social Bookmark to Your Blogger Blog
1. Boost site traffic by encouraging visitors to create an online bookmark. On-line bookmarks can be shared with others and increase the likelihood of return visits and attracting new traffic.

2. Get comprehensive analytics about visitors creating bookmarks when you use a free service like Add This. This will assist you to determine trends and understand bookmarking behaviour. You will also be able to identify your most popular posts.

Add This Bookmark Button All-in-One Solution

Social Bookmark Icon Set

Best Tutorial About Adding Add This Social Bookmark Button to Blogger
Blog Know How
Suitable for Beginners. Well set out and comprehensive step by step instructions for adding an Add This Social Bookmarking Button to your Blogger (Blogspot) blog. Walkthrough of steps to place the button beneath each post or in a sidebar.

Best Tutorial About How to Add a Group of Social Bookmarking Icons to Blogger Blogspot Blog
Blog Know How
This tutorial shows you how to add a bunch of social media icons to the end of every post plus there are instructions for adding buttons to a Blogger sidebar and footer. Just copy and paste script into your template or Blogger widget and you're done. Easy as!

Links to Free Social Bookmark Buttons and Icon Sets Suitable For Blogger
Blog Know How
A collection of some of the best free social bookmark icon sets suitable for a Blogger Blogspot blog.

This is article has provided you with a collection of the best tutorials to help you add a Social Bookmarking Button to your Blogger (Blogspot) blog.

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